Utsavangal -Valamchuzy Temple

January - April

Temple celebrations are held for a period of 4 months starting from the Malayalam month of Makaram and ending in the month of Medam..


The flag hoisting, signaling the start of the celebrations is held on the punartham day in Makaram. The fifth day 'the bharani' is considered most auspicious and the appindi vilakku nercha is held at 3 AM in the early morning. Carrying trunks of banana plants and domes made out of palm leaves in procession, are believed to endow devotes with abundant divine blessing. It is believed that viewing the parasakh, adorned with ornaments and shining in all splendor & glory, will without doubt, prove to be very auspicious for each devotee. The pallivetta celebrationsl take place on the 9th day of the festival. The underlying notion of the goddess going on a hunting spree lies behind this sacred ritual. The goddess leaves the temple premises with the Vilkuruppanmars to the accompaniment of singing, dancing and merry making and returns after the pallivetta to a ceremonial reception by the Anganamars. The pallineerattu is performed by the Goddess at the specially prepared Arattukadavu amidst great celebration. Devotees consider it very auspicious immersing themselves in water at this time. The utsavam concludes with the lowering of the flag after the Deeparadhana on the 10th day.


The Pongala celebration commences on the morning of Bharani day in the month of Kumbham. The women, clean and dressed for the occasion offer nivedam to the goddess with their bare hands. Goddess amma accepts the offerings from thousands of Devotees. It is believed that viewing Amma in all her glory at this time will deliver one from all sins and evils.

Meena Bharani

Meena Bharani Commences on the Revathy day in the month of Meenam and concludes on the Bharani day. The world renowned padayani celebrations coincide with this date. Padayani is an artistic creation made by fashioning the various murthis to resemble a specific shape. The materials that go into the making of padayanai also include raw Areca nut leaves mixed in natural colors. The help of a musical instrument called 'thappu' is also used for this. Ganapathy, Yakshi, Marutha, Bhairavi, Horse etc., are some of the murthis that also go in to the making of the padayani. Padayani stands out due to its specialties and attracts a large number of devotees.

Devotees from the karas start bringing in offerings to the temple by 5 PM on the 3rd day of the Meena Bharani.

Meda Bharani

It is believed that the Meda Bharani at the temple is as old as the temple itself. A grand meal is served for all, irrespective of caste and creed , out of the yields from the paddy fields under the control of the temple.. This grand meal will have over 50 different preparations and is believed that partaking of this meal will invite God's blessing. Passage of time has not diminished the importance and popularity of this sadya.

Annadanam will be done on malayalam calnder star day 'Bharani' of every month.
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