Record of Two miracles attributed to Valamchuzy Temple

Temple celebrations are held for a period of 4 months starting from the Malayalam month of Makaram and ending in the month of Medam. The " Edakumbalavelil " family is one of the oldest families at Valamchuzy Kara. The ancestors of this family had large tracts of paddy fields at ehembolamalayil and it was said that seven boats were needed to transport all the rice produced from its fields. It was also said that it was the practice followed by the patriarch of idikkumbulaveli then to fold a piece of cloth kept on his shoulders and place it on the ground and squat over it while issuing instructions to bring the seven boats close to the shore. The rice was then unloaded from the boats one by one and kept in the storeroom at Idukkumbalaveli. But surprisingly only six boats could be towed ashore and it was just not possible to bring the seventh boat close to the shore. It was feared that there was every possibility of the entire consignment of rice in the seventh boat being sunk in the river. Those sitting on the river bank clearly felt that the boat would definitely sink. It was then that the patriarch pointing his finger towards the temple declared. "I have had my share of rice safe in my god own; you can have it as your share if you are able to take it". It was then that a miracle did happen. The entire consignment of rice and the boat moved in the direction of the temple and the entire rice was off loaded at the temple premises without losing even one single piece of rice.

Several years age, another miracle did happen on the padayani day in the malayalam month of meenam. The temple was thronged by thousands of devotees on the padayani day. The celebrations continued till late into the night and when people started leaving the temple premise, it was already past midnight . One devotee, however, slept in the temple precincts. Suddenly he awoke from this deep slumber when an old woman started beating him with a stick. She also warned him that it was dangerous sleeping there and that she would help him cross over to the other side. The old man told his friends the entire episode and that he was un aware of the identity of the lady who helped him cross over to the other side. He was then told by elderly people that no human being should show himself in the temple premises after the padayani celebrations. It was believed that evil ghosts would have field day and that they would suck the blood of any human being found nearby. It soon dawned on him that the old lady arrived on the scene to help him escape from the clutches of evil spirits. Everyone was certain that it was no one else other than goddess Bhuveneswari. The devotion, belief and faith in the goddess increased all the more.

Annadanam will be done on malayalam calnder star day 'Bharani' of every month.
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