Special Ceremonials of Valamchuzy Temple


Special Poojas will be held in the malayalam month of thulam for propitiating the Serpent Gods.


A Parakezhunnellippu is held in the malayalam month of kumbham that ends on the Vishu day in the month of Medam. The Paraezhunnellippu is spread over Pathanamthitta Municipality, pramadam and the Mylapra Panchayats. The Parakezhunnellippu will cover every Hindu family in the above mentioned localities. The devotees have an occasion to present as offerings, tender Coconuts & Seeds. The temple is also renowned for the Kudiezhumnallippu and the Bharani Sadya held on the Vishu day in the Malayalam month of Medam.The Ezhunnallippu on the vishu day is celebrated with the active participation of Koduthara Subramannya Swami and Thazhakkad Bhagavathy. The celebrations conclude with the Vishukaineetam given to the goddess Bhagavathy early in the morning.

Annadanam will be done on malayalam calnder star day 'Bharani' of every month.
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