Do's and Don'ts in Valamchuzhy Temple

Do not come to the temple empty handed. Always carry offerings to be presented before the deity. Beaten rice, leaves, flowers, water, cash etc., could all be given as offerings. Feel the presence of the almighty in yourself and in all the creations around you. Present yourself before the deity only after you have taken a good bath and having dressed yourself neatly. Come face to face with the almighty having a mind devoid of any anger and ill will towards others. Avoid coming to the temple after smearing your body with oil or ghee. Avoid covering your head with cloths in any manner. Your head should be kept bare. Do not put on any shirt or cover the upper part of your body with clothes. Women should avoid coming to the temple in their periods. Accept theertham with your right hand only. Use both hands to receive the prasadam from the priest.

The place, where the temple presently stands, derived its name from the direction that the river Achankovil takes as its flows along. It flows westwards initially and circumvents the temple and moves in an East ward direction. This unique direction of the flow of the river has given the place the name " Valanchuzykara". The other side of the river, however, came to be known as " Marukara" .And, with each passing year the " Karas" surrounding the temple increased in numbers. From two karas initially, the temple earned the respect and adulation of more karas to take the total number to 14. With the support of these 14 karas, the temple gradually acquired fame and respect and is presently one of the most renowned temples in Kerala.

Annadanam will be done on malayalam calnder star day 'Bharani' of every month.
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