About Padayani

Padayani is the annual ritualistic festival celebrated in Bhadrakali temples of Central travancore zone with due dedications. It may be regarded as the remains of ancient Dravidian God concept and mode of worship offering Rathi (lust), Raktham (Blood) and Lahari (toxic mood) The very spirit of central travancore finds its appearance in Padayani as that of Malabar in ?Theyyam?. All the Sixty Four artforms play their own vital role in Padayani. Actully this is a mixture of music, dance , painting, comedy etc. Padayani reflects the ancient socialist society before Ayryanization and four caste system. So in Padayani all the villagers take active part without racial discriminations. Each and every Padayani Karappuram (Village celebrating Padayani) observe padayani in their own way. In different aspets such as observation of rituals, order of performance and span of Padayani days difference noticed is ofcourse very huge.

Padayani is celebrated during the months of Kumbham, Meenam, Medam ( Approximately February, March and April)

Kolamezhuthu, Kolamthullal, Kolappattu, Thappumelam, Vinodam (Comedy) are the essential parts of Padayani. Kolams are folk deiteis drawn on well processed green areca leaf sheath with natural colours. Kolappattu (lyrics) include prayers, admirations and requests to deities. Thappu is the ?Asuravadya? made by covering round frame of Jacktree hardwood with buffalohide. Kolamthullal is the rhythmic footsteps and dances that a performer makes in tune with ?Kolappattu? and ?Thappumelam?. Vinodam(comedy) includes satire and protest targetting social evils and vanities. Bearing ?Palakkolam? singing ?Kolappatu?, dancing with the ?thalam? of thappu , the whole villagers pray to God to bring in prosperity, to eradicate the ill effects of wicked deities, to ensure goodied from crops and so on. It is a way of worship with no intermediary between man and God. Further, we find true man leading ecofriendly life worshipping nature disregard of the philosophy of exploitation.

Annadanam will be done on malayalam calnder star day 'Bharani' of every month.
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